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Servicing Information
Thank you for allowing General Mortgage Capital Corporation "GMCC" to assist with your mortgage needs.
The servicing of your loan will likely be transferred to a new servicer within the first 30-90 days of closing. See below for important information you will need before and after your loan is transferred.
After your loan closes and until loan is transferred, GMCC is your servicer. If your mortgage payment is due to GMCC, we will send out a mortage statement with coupon by USPS about 2 weeks prior to the payment due date. If you would like to make a payment sooner, there are payment coupons included with the loan documents that you signed right before closing.
GMCC only accepts payment in full.
Physical checks accepted:
- Personal check
- Business check
- Cashier's check
- Money order
- Bill pay check (available with *most* major banks at no additional cost to consumer)
Make sure that your check includes the loan number (listed on loan documents and mortgage statement/coupon).
Note that the payment address may differ depending on when your loan closed.

Loans with closing date BEFORE 12/31/2021:
General Mortgage Capital Corporation
ATTN: Payment Processors
1350 Bayshore Hwy, Ste 740

Burlingame, CA 94010

Loans with closing date AFTER 1/1/2022:
General Mortgage Capital Corporation
P.O. Box 650094
Dallas, TX 75265-0094
Online Payment option is available for loans closed in 2022 onward. You will receive a Welcome email from noreply@gmcc.servicingdivision.com within 1-2 weeks of closing. If you do not receive the email, you may need to whitelist the email address and check spam folders.
After your loan transfers, GMCC will send you a "Notice of Servicing Transfer" letter that indicates when we will stop accepting your payments. The letter will also have your new servicer's information. It is possible that even after the loan transfers, a payment could still be due to GMCC so it is important to review the transfer letter carefully.
If you are unsure if your loan has been transferred or where your payment is due, please reach out to our Servicing Department by phone 877-841-0510.
Monday thru Friday 8am-9pm ET.


1098 Forms: GMCC will be sending 1098 forms via USPS no later than 1/31 of the following tax year.

Tax year 2021: email electronic copy requests to servicing@gmccloan.com
Tax year 2022 onward: call 877-841-0510
General Mortgage Capital Corporation NMLS #254895
1350 Bayshore Highway, Suite 740, Burlingame, CA  94010
Office:  (650) 340-7800
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